What’s up?


Wow! There has been so much going on around here, so I may have been slacking in the blogging department.

O.k.- I’m definitely slacking.

I just wanted to share a few things that have been going on around here, as well as a few things that are coming up!

First up, We went back “home” to visit our family in early July- my brother got married. This picture was taken at my in-laws, and I love it. Such a great time relaxing with family and friends! I also got my hair cut that week and had enough to donate to Wigs For Kids!

For awhile now, my most wonderful husband has been training for the “Air Mobility Rodeo” which is an international flying competition, basically. He’s been working his tail off, and it finally ended yesterday. The honor of competing also came with the task of studying and practicing A lot.  I’m so proud of him ;-) Yay husband!

While he was gone this week, my Aunt and Grandmother came to visit Nate and I. We had so much fun! We went shopping, had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and dinner at Pei Wei. And Nate’s favorite part of the visit had to be the time we spent at the Lakeshore store! I love when family visits, and I am always sad to see them go.

I also have some exciting giveaways and features going on! Did you see me here? That’s right! I had the privilege of being featured on Pulp Sushi! You should totally stop by her blog, or her Etsy shop. Look at this necklace- I <3 the colors.


I was also here. Karen at Home is one of those blogs that you just NEED to bookmark so you can reference it often. Such wonderful recipes and home decorating tips. I am going to be making this recipe for Bruschetta Chicken Bake very, very soon!

Also, Coming up- a giveaway on Sew Indy And Ali Bali Green, as well as a tutorial on After Nine to Five! So stay tuned for that :-)

Moving right along- I’ve been working on a few new things, which I will share more about in a new post once Russ is home and can take some pictures for me. I have a few relaxing items for mom, and a new way to organize your diaper bag!

I’m taking a e-course with Ashley from After Nine to Five. The course is Blog 101 and it’s about finding your bogging style, and making that work for you. I am really excited to take this class and meet new folks! Should be a great time. I think there are still a few spots left, so hurry if you are interested!

And when I am not sewing, visiting family, having family visit me, writing features, hosting giveaways, taking e-courses, going to weddings, or cheering on my husband- I have been chasing this little guy.

Or helping him wash his car.

So what has your summer been filled with?


One Word Wednesday (Almost)




Are you nosy?

Are you nosy?

You wanna know What’s In My Bag?

And exactly- what does a diaper bag “maker’s” diaper bag look like? Well I certainly don’t mind sharing. I am actually quite proud of both the diaper bag and it’s contents! I have been able to trim it down substantially and that is quite exciting to me.

Well, until recently it was a plain, gray , generic bag from “Babies’r'us” that I picked up for $13 on clearance and I truly disliked it. It’s one of the reasons I started making diaper bags and organizational items for diaper bags in the first place. So, here it is. My very orange diaper bag:

Of course, it is patchwork; with one strap large enough to carry the bag cross-body, but short enough to carry on my shoulder.

I made an extra roomy bottle pocket on each side, to comfortably fit wide neck bottles and my beloved Camelbak bottle.

I decided to do a drawstring closure at the top instead of a zipper so that I can fill it extra full like a duffel bag if I need to. (and I have needed to…) And isn’t the red and orange ribbon a nice touch as the “drawstring?” 

So, now on to the good stuff, right?

What’s inside?

Pretty much everything….

1. My Green Patchwork Diaper Clutch. Contents include: 4 diapers, 2 disposable changing pads, 1 travel pack of wipes, and a travel sized diaper ointment.

2. Travel pack of tissues.

3. The Dinner out bag in super cute owl fabric (find a similar one here) : Placemats, bibs, spoons, and an emergency snack in an adorable Tupperware container.

4. Extra pair of clothes for Nate.

5. An extra Sippy cup. I’m very loyal to Playtex Sippy Cups.

6. My “Cosmetic” pouch from Earl-Leigh (I won a giveaway, LUCKY!) - EOS Lip Balm, Cherry Chap-Stick, Ultra Mentha Lip Shine by CO Bigelow, and Cappuccino Lip Gloss by Orchid Blue Cosmetics. Also, a travel hair brush/mirror, baby sunblock, a bobby pin, and an elastic hair band. Also my Cappuchino Cozy from SewIndy (Again, the giveaway- woot woot!)

7. Anti-Bac Moisturizing Hand Lotion from Bath & Body Works. Vanilla Bean Noel- My piece of Christmas in the dead of summer. (Did you know that I LOOOVE Christmas?)

8. My Notebook. I have to write things down to remember them. Remember? I’m a tactile learner ;-)

9. Member Card Pouch. I made this to hold all of those pesky little cards that every store wants you to carry. It’s worked out well for me.

10. My leather Coach clutch (bought at the OUTLET folks)  that is home to my iPhone, credit cards, license and Mil Id. This is what I take with me on the RARE occasion that I separate from my diaper bag. I love it. That is all.

That’s it! Not very exciting, sorry about that- but it’s just the way I like it :-)

Do you have a “Bag Post?” I want to see it, share the  link in the comments!


Troop Paws Giveaway!

It’s time everyone!

The TroopPaws Giveaway has


One lucky reader is going to receive an official TroopPaws pup! These are great for Military kids, or deployed service-members and spouses. They are made from Authentic Military Uniform Fabric and have a sleeve that holds a picture of your loved one. We have the pleasure of owning one and it is so special. Our little Nate loves it- they are so cuddly :-)

Entry for this giveaway is Super Easy!

Head on over and like the TroopPaws facebook page, then leave a comment. That’s it!.

For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each) you can like Bibeez Baby on Facebook, or follow Bibeez Baby on Twitter. It’s also nice to hear kind things, so you can gain an extra entry by saying something nice about TroopPaws- like how you would use it, or if you know someone who would benefit from having such an adorable companion!

Giveaway will end on Monday July 18 at Midnight.

I will announce the winner on Tuesday morning on my Blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Best Wishes to each of you!


While he was sleeping…

We just recently jumped on the Video Baby Monitor train. We like it.

I know, we are a little late, but I didn’t think it was necessary until I heard a thump one day and scaled the stairs (faster than an Olympic Medalist) to find him sitting on the floor, crying. Russ immediately started his research, and we had one in 3 days- Thank You Amazon. {Nate was fine, by the way!}

We went with a wireless  security camera instead of a video baby monitor unit. Instead of having a hand held video “parent” unit, we can check out what’s going on with our iPhone, iPad or laptop. (If you want to know more about what we use, send me a message via the contact form, or ask in the comments section- all together we spent about $85- a deal!)

So anyhow- one of the really neat features of this is we can take snapshots. Some of them have been really cute, so I thought I would share a few.


Here he has a blanket on his head… naturally. (See his little feet sticking out? hehe)


Now here, he fell asleep sitting up in the corner.


Wow- asleep standing up, that’s awesome. ( I know this because right after I took this picture I watched him teeter until he finally fell down into a normal sleeping position!)


My personal favorite- standing up with a blanket over his head. A welcome change from sitting down with a blanket over his head.


Do you use a video monitor?  Do you think it is the greatest invention? I do.



Troop Paws <3

Hi there, Friend!

Have you heard of Troop Paws? I just received the most adorable stuffed animal friend that my little Nate just loves! He is super cuddly and large enough to really get your arms around to hug.

What is Troop Paws? They are the most lovable stuffed pups made from authentic military uniform fabric. It even has a sleeve to enclose a picture of your loved one. I am so excited to have this, it will be wonderful when “Daddy goes on a trip.”



Marlene from Troop Paws says:

“I understand the importance of giving back, which is why for years now I have been baking cookies for the troops as a sign of support for our servicemen and women.  My passion for our brave troops led me to a factory that manufactures uniforms for the military. It gave me the idea to create a stuffed animal for military families and friends. The courage of family members left behind is so admirable that my hope is that loved ones find strength and comfort in this personalized keepsake.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Folds of Honor Foundation. “

I hope you visit Marlene’s website and take a peek around. This is such a wonderful business, supporting a great organization. Also, Troop Paws are made in the U.S.A.

AND- If a Troop Paws friend catches your eye, maybe you should come back to my blog next week for a…




Fancy This Friday

So, this might be a tad bit late because I forgot to write it I have been visiting family.

But I truly believe in the saying, Better Late Than Never! This applies to nearly every part of my life. If you invite me to a party, better late than never. If I send you a birthday card, better late than never. I try my very best to be on time. I really do. I even try to leave early. No such luck. Sigh.

So, this weeks Fancy This Friday is about  Time Management, ha! Pretty clever right?


I love the Household Management Forms that Money Saving Mom has. These forms are free down loads, and they are customizable (which is awesome!!!). Here is a sample of a great Cleaning List. I love to be able to physically check things off a list when I complete a task, so this is great if you feel the same way.

This Talin Wall Clock is pretty cool, from Crate and Barrel. Pretty simple, but I love the warmth of wood finishes.

And I think this pocket watch from TimesGood is so…. classic. I love it so. much.

Check out Money Saving Mom’s series Time Management 101 for some really great tips for staying organized, and getting more done in less time. She has several takes on this such as  Time Management for a nursing mom, Time Management for a work outside of the home mom, and even Time Management for a Military Mom!

She has such wonderful resources!

So do you have any tips or tricks to make it easier to get out the door on time? What’s your best organizational tip? I want to hear- tell us in the comments!